Wild Camping

For many people this must feel the ultimate ‘escape’, the perfect way to get off the beaten track. However first things first, is it actually legal? In some parts of the UK yes but you will need to do your research. Someone owns nearly every piece of land in the UK and they have every right to move you on. It really is a case of respecting land, being courteous and considerate by leaving no trace, not making a noise, ignoring ‘no overnight camping’ signs and basically making sure you are equipped to have the odd night off grid.
Wild Camping (AKA Stealth Camping or ‘Free’ camping) is also prohibited on open access lands, which are shaded orange on Ordnance Survey Maps.

This is a useful link to read up about the rules of Wild Camping

So basically you do not have the right to Wild Camp in the UK so be prepared you may be moved on

With this in mind, if you have a small budget then people swear by ‘Brit Stops’. This is a collection of farms, pubs, breweries and other businesses, which allow campervans to park for free overnight on their land; in return you buy their products.

Enjoy the freedom of parking during the day and possibly overnight in National Trust Car Parks with our annual membership which entitles you to free parking!

It is also worth popping you head in to a local business, smiling and asking if it is possible to pay for parking and spend you holiday pennies with them and support local businesses.

Do’s and Don’ts of Wild Camping

Take all litter with you from your camping spot when you leave.

Do think about security when parking your van.

Do keep a low-profile where you camp. So you should avoid loud music, long washing lines, sprawling parties and BBQs, for example.

Don’t park in areas where signs state “no overnight parking”. (We have stated this before but its’ worth repeating.

Don’t park overnight within sight of people’s houses.

Don’t block access tracks and fields.

Don’t make a mess and leave behind dangerous litter or waste.

Do enjoy your wild campervanning – and don’t spoil the privilege for the generations to come.

Please remember that you are responsible for our Van so the risk of damage to our vehicle going off the beaten track is high. We don’t want to keep your damage deposit. Also worth noting that not all breakdown recovery vehicles can gain access to all roads. It’s a long and expensive walk back.

Lakes Escape Campers promotes responsible Camping 🙂 #leavenotrace


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